Wally Judge

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Wally Judge

This guy is a phenomonal talent. He is off to Kstate, my favorite college and I think he has the potential to be a top 5 pick one day. A freak athlete with an emerging skill set and he will be an impact player for the Cats, who need low post scoring help, to put it modest.

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he reminds me..

of blake griffin.. not a top ten recruit and prob wont be dominant when he a frosh but could be an elite prospect his sophomore or junior year

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I got a chance to see Rodney

I got a chance to see Rodney McGruder last weekend at the Reebok All-American Weekend. He was excellent.

Judge and McGruder make for an outstanding, if underrated, incoming class.
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the next Pippen

Judge reminds me of a second coming of Scottie Pippen. Long and athletic wing with good ball skills

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