Wall vs. Bledsoe

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Wall vs. Bledsoe

Let me start by saying im a huge Kentucky fan. My topic refers to John Wall and Eric Bledsoe. As you know they were backcourt mates at UK and members of the same draft class. Wall has got all the accolades so far in his career but I am of the belief that Bledsoe is just as talented as Wall. Bledsoe has had to take a backseat to Wall in college then Paul in the NBA so he has not gotten the recognition he deserves. As i have read past forum topics Bledsoe has gotten a lot more love recently, and i was just wondering what you guys thought of his talent and future compared to Wall's?

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I played with Bledsoe throughout the years, and I've always defended in the John Wall comparison. I think he is the better player. He doesnt have the super stardom that wall has, but thats the only thing. He is a better ball handler, a true point guard, stronger, more athletic, faster, and a better shooter. Calipari admitted at Kentucky that he was sure if Eric was on another team playing point guard, he would be a top 5 pick. He even went as far as saying Eric was faster and more athletic. I like wall a lot. He just has star all over him, it's what everyone has always known him as. Bledsoe on the other end, has always been more quiet and just goes about his business. I think he's a future superstar. Its funny because some people think he is still adjusting to being a pg, because he played sg at UK. Actually he has been the point guard on every team he's ever played for except UK. He had to adjust to that. He's actually doing now what he's used to. I cant say he'll have a better career than Wall, but if you wanna talk about each skill set individually, he wins almost all of them.

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