Wade shot blocking ability!

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Wade shot blocking ability!

He is the clearly the best guard at blocking shots on the nba right know, but what he is doing in this playoffs is just sick. He is having clutch blocks, like the one at marion and both blocks he had on rose in the other series. I don`t recall any other guard that could block shots like him probably only MJ, but this guy is really impressive especially at crunch time.

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Dwyane Wade is the greatest

Dwyane Wade is the greatest shot blocking guard at 6'5" or under.

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Wins championships.

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What do Tyson Chandler, Al

What do Tyson Chandler, Al Horford, Nene, Gerald Wallace, Kevin Garnett, Dirk Nowitzki and LeBron James have in common?

All averaged less blocks than Dwyane Wade (1.14) this year.

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Dwyane Wade has actually

Dwyane Wade has actually averaged over a block per game 5 times and has a career average of one per game. That is truly amazing for a guard.

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Yeah defense wins

Yeah defense wins championships, doesn't hurt that they have 2 of the top 5 offensive players in the league either.

Bulls last series proved that defense alone won't get it done.

You need multiple guys who can score with the game on the line.

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Chicago would beat Dallas. My Heat have already seen, and whooped, the best competition the NBA has to offer this season. Heat in 5, Dallas gets one at home and we can call that Fan Appreciation Day.

The whole defense wins championships thing is an oversimplification. Playing better basketball than everybody you play wins championships, and Defense is 50 percent of the game. So yes, it is very important.

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Wade and LeBron are doing a

Wade and LeBron are doing a great Jordan & Pippen impersonation. And Bosh
is playing very well.

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