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Wack Posts

I can't stay silent anymore. I got a really good trade. Toronto gets Mike Dunleavy and Dontey Jones. Indiana gets Jose Carderon and Amir Johnson. This is good for both teams. Toronto get a good shooting small forward, never a bad thing. Indiana get someone consistent to back up Psycho T when he's not being so consistent. Plus Jose can more or less back up Collison. The way I see it Paul George should start and George Hill can be the first 2G off the bench if Paul isn't consistent. Is this a big trade no but we gotta do something with the lockout. Wonder how much hate I'll get for this post. I'll probibly cry myself to the bathroom.

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But George Hill is a ideal

But George Hill is a ideal backup point. Why add one for 2 years 20 mill in Calderon?

Also, Dunleavy is a FA.

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i like it for indiana but

i like it for indiana but toronto would not do it i guess...

jones is deshawn stevenson just a level below him on defense so he will never be more than your 8th or 9th man of the bench. that means he wont help much.

dunleavy if you would do a sign and trade is the type of player the raps don´t need. he is a shooter that plays no defense. and thats a player toronto shouldn´t look for in my opinion

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