Vinny Del Negro

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Vinny Del Negro

Vinny Del Negro is lucky enough to coach 2 upcoming superstars in his baby years as a head coach... First was of course, my boy Derrick Rose... A rookie and a rookie coach coming together and grew up together was pretty nice to look at... It's just that Derrick has soar to even greater heights with Tom Thibodeau as the one calling the shots... Well, DRose did have a 32 and 11 against the Clips Another statement as to why he should be the MVP in this league...

Next, Vinny is coaching Blake Griffin... We all know what he can do... Shawn Kemp athleticism with Karl Malone mentality... Just a great pickup for the Clips not to mention, Vinny is able to coach him in his first year... It is a great feeling to be a coach having a superstar to build with... Ehem..... Bobcats... calling out the Bobcats...

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Michael Jordan wouldn't know

Michael Jordan wouldn't know what a superstar talent is if it hit him in the head. The guy sucks at drafting in the lottery.

Baron Davis has found his game again, but will he carry this to next season and beyond? Missing the playoffs this year being in the lottery again may not be a bad thing for the Clippers, I believe they are a good SF away from being a really good team. Perhaps they could draft Jordan Hamilton, or package that pick and Aminu for Iguadala.

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It has been tough for expansion teams

Superstars are few and far between my man. We all know the Bobcats could have had Brandon Roy or Rudy Gay instead of Adam Morrison, but at this point, I do not call either of them superstars. They are obviously way better than the Stache, but remember Morrison dropped 41 on Roy that year and Rudy Gay's work ethic and desire were always in question, where as Morrison looked like a machine. The problem is the machine had no defensive function and had an injury malfunction as well. Still, the next two picks after Morrison were Tyrus Thomas, who is on the Bobcats as has not turned into anything close to projected and Shelden Williams, who is not even the best basketball player in his marriage (first time you heard that one, lol). My point is, not that Michael Jordan has done a good job as an executive, he has not. But, he has not exactly been able to choose superstars. Having the number one pick is an easy way to draft superstar players, as D-Rose and Blake were seen as by far the best prospects in their class (at least Rose was to me). Vinny is lucky to coach both of them I guess, though we will see how the Clippers go and we know he was fired in Chi town. The Bobcats however need to be in a position to draft superstars, as for an expansion team it is difficult to sign them. They were a pick away from Chris Paul, but that is pretty much the closest they got. Teams like Memphis, Toronto, Minnesota and Charlotte have not had a lot of mazel when it comes to draft picks, even when they get good ones, the draft lacks star power (at least in 2006). So, Charlotte could have Rudy Gay and Brook Lopez, but you can not tell me either one of those guys compares to a Rose or Griffin.

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