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I posted an earlier thread in an attempt to fix some wierd player comparisons for some 2014 prospects. I got negs for it. Well, here is proof that I was dead right (btw, I found this AFTER I posted the earlier thread.
i said parker is like grant hill and coack k agrees. Vindication feels good....

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I think you got negs for your

I think you got negs for your T-Mac comparision to GRIII. Robinson is a 6'6'' small foward/shooting guard who wasn't even the first option on his college team, yet T-Mac one of the best pure scorers in the 2000-2010 decade comes to mind? T-Mac was also one of those do it all wings who would grab 5 + rebounds 5+ assists and had great handle to create his own shot on the perimter.

Robinson hasn't even come close to showing that kind of versitile skillset, he's kind of a glue guy at this point in his career, much like MKG was last season, but without the physical gifts to play the 3 position in the NBA. He hasn't even shown much ability to create shots for his teammates off the dribble, or shown that one on one style offensive game T-Mac is known for. Your other picks weren't bad, although I hate comparisons between high school kids and NBA-All-Stars, but I could see some similarities in styles at least. I don't mess with negging people, but if I had to guess it was comparing a glue guy 2/3 combo to a 6'9'' shooting guard who was an elite one on one player and do it all wing who lead the NBA in scoring twice. Saying "less aggressive" doesn't make it any better.

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haha i think you mean you

haha i think you mean you agree with coach k, that was posted in 2011. And that doesn't make you dead right either. Still don't agree and just because you posted this doesn't change my mind. I didn't neg you either though because i really don't care about meaningless points i'm just saying i don't see any similarity to grant hill.

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