Vince Young

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Vince Young

I know this is a Basketball site but i want to know what u guys think about this. What if the Dallas Cowboys trade or sign Vince Young. Him,Dez,and Austin could destroy teams defense. I like Romo but he isn't a starter in today NFL

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i hate that vince wont be

i hate that vince wont be back with the titans.....vince,peyton and vick might be the only qbs ,that can sometimes will their teams to wins....

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I am a huge Titans fan. Vince

I am a huge Titans fan. Vince has his moments but he is way too inconsistent. He is a below average passer and people like that he can run but he rarely did it this past season. He gets hurt too often and has never proven to beat good teams. Romo is on a way higher level

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Vince young is a terrible football player. Sure, he is entertaining, but honestly the guy is terrible. There is a reason why he was benched for Kerry Collins and Bud Adams chose a coach, Jeff Fisher, over him. These people watch him, and realize just how inconsistent he is.

To say he is better than Tony Romo is just insane. He has a career QB rating of 75, and astoundingly has as many intcerptions as touchdowns. There is no way a person with equal interceptions and touchdowns should be a starter in the NFL. He has 42-42. Romo has a career QB rating of 95 and 118 TDs to 62 pics. I am insulted at the insanity that someone can actually say Vince Young is better than Tony Romo.

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