vince carter trade

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vince carter trade

nets need to rebuild and i think this draft an next years draft are gud drafts to rebuild in

so when the dead line approaches i expect them to trade vince

but the qestion is wat team would u like to see vince

on another note vince might run out his contract with the nets n pull a

garnett n allen move n join w championship conteding team

will he b part of a new big 3

or will he be part of a top draft trade

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If vince runs out his contract.. I think he should join orlando. He'd Fit in PERFECT there. Howard, Turk, and Lewis.

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No doubt, I believe that VC still has that potential of a superstar he had a while back. I mean, he did a superb job last season in avoiding being proned to injuries that would make his teammates and coach cringe in fear of a season-ending injury. Despite the loss of their vetran playmaker in Jason Kidd, VC was able to carry his team at crucial times when RJ was injuried late in the regular season. Orlando is a good fit should I say so myself, they lack a solid SG, but the addition of Pietrus should strength the depth of their roster. Other than that, I think all the leadership duties fall to him now that RJ, J-Kidd have packed up and taken off from New Jersey. He also has a young, talented team to surround himself with in the Nets with Lopez and other newly acquired players.

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