Victor Oladipo workout

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Victor Oladipo workout

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He looks like an beast

He looks like an beast

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I would like to know who

I would like to know who honestly thinks this guy is a small forward. I have seen a lot of people and sites saying he is a 2/3 combo and I just dont see it.

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Why couldn't he play the 3?

Why couldn't he play the 3? Sure, he is a little short for it, but he is such a great athlete and perimeter defender overall that he could defend the position fine. And his athleticism would allow him to blow by some NBA 3s.

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I could see Oladipo being more of a combo guard rather than a SG/SF, especially if his handles improve enough. Most teams would already have a better pass first oriented PG, but I think if needed he could get minutes there and cover the position well.

As for SF minutes, his height would be a severe disadvantage. He's 6'4 while Carmelo and LeBron are 6'8, KD is 6'9, and most other SFs are in the same neighborhood. He's definitely best suited at the SG spot, but I don't see him getting much SF time, unless his team is running a small lineup where he's matched up against a 6'6 or 6'7 SF off the bench.

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Real workout!

That's a real workout, no BS! All working on skills to get ready for the combine and the NBA.
His handles are much tighter than I expected them to be. He's been working!

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Looks like

A scary two who can play a little PG when needed. He is a two. He is the best SG in this draft IMO.

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Oladipo gets dogged for being

Oladipo gets dogged for being raw just because he has a little bit of a herky jerk style of play but hes a real crisp athlete and can score in a bevy of ways...Top 5 prospect

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Definition of a

That right there, is the definition of a WORKOUT!

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his offensive game wasn't

his offensive game wasn't complete in college but he will work in the nba and be alot like dwade. I think he would be great on minnesota, as well as the bobcats and jazz. I think he will be picked in the top four when its all said and done.

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Victor is a beast. High

Victor is a beast. High Ceiling is D wade, Low is Martell Webster i think. He should go top 5-8

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I still feel his ceiling is a

I still feel his ceiling is a more athletic Aron Afflalo. D-Wade is a bit too high IMO, but I think he will be a solid starter throughout his career at least.

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Its no secret how much i like

Its no secret how much i like him as a pro, ive had him in my top 5 since early this year....

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Man, I got tired just watchin'. Maybe a young Iggy with a little better shot?

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Pretty tight handle if you

Pretty tight handle if you ask me. Must be the crazy wing span which allows him to keep the ball low. Wow, he's a top 5 pick now on some mocks? Moving up in the world, I see. haha

I like how everyone steps their game up for workouts.

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I think he's gonna end up top

I think he's gonna end up top 3, ahead of McLemore on my board. Noel, Porter, then Oladipo IMO.

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Everyone claiming he's a top

Everyone claiming he's a top 5 after watching one workout video? What has the world come to,

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He's a lock to go in the top

He's a lock to go in the top ten. Strong work outs and interviews, which are fully expected, could get him in the top five. This is one of those guys teams will fall in love with because he has great character, his head is on straight and his work ethic is great. He lives, breathes, eats, sh*ts and sleeps basketball.

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Didnt expect his handle to be like that. He actually does remind me of iggy a bit except a bit shorter. And most likely not the playmaker iggy is

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I said it when everyone first

I said it when everyone first fell in love with him and I will say it now.. He is Tony Allen...

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I honesyly havent watched

I honesyly havent watched much of the guy this year,and when I did see him I didnt see much of a nba sg handle. This workout showed his crazy athletism,which most college basketball fans knew him for last year.His handles really surprised me though,did he show an improved dribbling game this year? Did he show the ability to create his own shot?
I wish id see a real shooting workout though,instead of just showing his makes.Im curious to see how many 3s hed make,even in this setting,out of 50 shots.
It seems crazy to compare him to dwade,but I watched a lot of his games at marquette and I never thought he would be a future hof...even Reece Gaines outplayed him when they played Louisville.So anything can happen when you have that kind of athletism...

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He will be better than tony

He will be better than tony allen, better handles, better shot,more athletic.

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