Victor Oladipo

I've seen threads on these boards talking about his draft possibilities and I never bought into them until now. The guy is full of energy and has clearly made big strides over his career. He reminds me of Hassan Adams of Arizona years back. A great athlete who rebounds well for his size, plays D, and is constant energy with improving jump shot.

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Right now Aran has him slated

Right now Aran has him slated as a 2nd Rounder, I believe with the way he is playing so far this year if he returns for his Senior year, we maybe talking a potential lottery pick next year.

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He is relentless

He is relentless

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Agreed . This Indiana Butler game is also college basketball at its best.

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Absolutley one of the best

Absolutley one of the best defenders in the country,is lethal in transition, and is a very under rated passer... Dont look past Sheehy either!

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This guy reminds me so much

This guy reminds me so much if one of my favorite players: Tony Allen. His motor is relentless

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I knew a girl in Tucson that

I knew a girl in Tucson that used to bang Hassan Adams....she was quite a trollop...I once heard her say she only sleeps with dudes that wear Jordans. I like Oladipos game as well.

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The lad can jump out of the

The lad can jump out of the building, baby!

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He reminds me a lot of iman

He reminds me a lot of iman Shumpert..dude is a lock down defender.

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I think he's definitely a

I think he's definitely a first rounder this year. He's improved his ability to attack off the bounce. He can still improve as a shooter, but from a technical standpoint there's nothing wrong with it.
He's somewhat similar to Hassan Adams, but I think Victor is faster and sleeker as an athlete which is more suitable for the SG position, whereas Hassan was basically an undersized SF who actually played some PF in college. Oladipo looks like the smarter player as well. He knows his skill set and plays within himself, whereas Hassan had his share of WTF plays.

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