Veteran Role Players

A lot of top contending teams acquire vets as role players to help go on a title run. How do you think the following players would pan out as role players for teams if they were to come back.

'90s Veterans

  • Latrell Spreewell
  • J.R. Rider
  • Glenn Robinson
  • Eddie Jones
  • Michael Finley
  • Antoine Walker
  • Kerry Kittles
  • Ron Mercer
  • Tim Thomas
  • Derek Anderson
  • Ricky Davis
  • Ruben Patterson
  • Cuttino Mobley
  • Steve Francis
  • Devean George
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there's a difference between

there's a difference between role player and bench player.Guys like Finley and Jones are role players. Guys like Ricky Davis and Glenn Robinson were just bad bench players.

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I think a big part of a veteran coming back is motivation. If they are coming back to solely win a title, than I think most, if not all (Rider and Davis are big question marks to me) they would do what it takes to pan out as role players.

Conversely, if the are coming back to earn a pay check, than they are in it for themselves and would most likely not pan out as a role player.

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Latrell Spreewell, No
  • Latrell Spreewell, No Horrible role player but great player
  • J.R. Rider, Don't know who he is (I've only been a fan since the late 90's in the MJ era , when he was with the Bulls)
  • Glenn Robinson, Might be good but I've heard otherwise
  • Eddie Jones, Great role model
  • Michael Finley, Great role model (loved him when I was little, and I still like him today)
  • Antoine Walker, No, thank goodness he had Paul Pierce to help him out during his playing days and just take a look at his gambling debts, there is a prime example.
  • Kerry Kittles, Yes
  • Ron Mercer, Yeah I think he'd be a good role model
  • Tim Thomas, Maybe. I've heard both good and bad about him
  • Derek Anderson, Yeah I think he'd be a good role model
  • Ricky Davis, No way, He is like T-mac now only worse.
  • Ruben Patterson, Maybe. I've heard both good and bad about him
  • Cuttino Mobley, No way
  • Steve Francis, Heavens No.
  • Devean George, Yeah he played with the Lakers having this type of role and he didn't do that bad. I'm sure he could do it again.

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I appreciate the effort you tried to give, but I'm not talking about their personality. I would like to know how do you think they will be as role players NOW.

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Sorry I was confused by what

Sorry I was confused by what cuseguy said, and that reflected my thoughts. In that case all of those players could be role players now, but they all have to want to win a title, not just do it for the money like Cuseguy said. NBA title contenders do not need veteran old players that only care about the money. They don't have enough room on their roster for those type of players. If any of those guys want to get a title and do so on Contending Elite team then they are welcome as long as they don't care about how much salary they get.

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