Veteran Player: We $%#@&*$ Caved

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Veteran Player: We $%#@&*$ Caved

A significant number of players are expected to vote against the deal that was agreed upon late Friday night, but a majority will approve.

"We (bleeping) caved," said one veteran player in a text.

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KG or Pierce I would assume

KG or Pierce I would assume lol.

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Players are still making

Players are still making millions. Owners can hopefully now start making millions. They can think they caved all they want too, but the owners have to make money too. The economy is in a recession and everyone has cut back and the NBA is no different.

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Lets hope the owners all

Lets hope the owners all learn something from this too and stop giving players like Travis Outlaw $7 million per season.

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Tyrober - You don't get it.

Tyrober - You don't get it. The owners were and are making tons of money. The players take a percentage of the Basketball Related Income, there are billions left to run the teams after playing the players. And almost all of the owners have side business that benefit from the sports team affiliation, even though that benefit doesn't get caught in the BRI calculation. The owners were not hurting, maybe a few were slightly over extended due to bad management, but that is going to happen in any group of 30 business; some are going to be badly run. This is more likely to be the case, I think, when the teams are inherited by some rich guy'd kids.

The reason the owners did this is they just realized that the players would settle for less if forced to. Turns out they were right. But, I will guarantee you that they thought the players were going to cave a lot earlier and for a lot less.

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