Very Weak Draft

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Very Weak Draft

I'm looking at the mock draft for 2012 and after watching a lot of players throught the season, I have to say that the draft is very weak, I think most of the players in the top 10 need to come back for another year to work on basic fundamentals that they are lacking at the moment, I have a good feeling that the best players that will make an impact in the league will come in the late first round or early second round.

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its not very weak at all

its not very weak at all actually

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Its actually very deep and

Its actually very deep and with Barnes, Davis, Drummond, Robinson, and Lamb at the top it has quality too.

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This is a very deep and

This is a very deep and talented draft from top to bottom... you look at guys like Reggie Hamilton whos going to be A steal, also Kevin Jones Who I think is better than PJ3

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So if you feel like the players in the top 10 this year are raw, you must have been putting holes in your wall seeing guys like Bismack Biyombo and Jan Vesely be drafted in the lottery last year.

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I think this draft is fairly

I think this draft is fairly stong, but who knows, I could see some of these guys being bust or not maximazing their talents. I still think Davis is clear-cut top pick.

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What was last year's draft if

What was last year's draft if this one is very weak?

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if u think this draft is weak

if u think this draft is weak you dont know anything about bball or sports in general...

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if u think this draft is weak

if u think this draft is weak you dont know anything about bball or sports in general...

If you think determining how good a draft is happens 3 months before it happens, and before any of them step onto an NBA court, then you don't know anything about bball.

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No pgs

All I know is this year's draft has a lot of talented big mans. It's kinda surprsing that PG is not even in a top 5 this year

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We've kinda had an

We've kinda had an oversaturation in PGs for NBA drafts the past few years, this is a nice change of pace.

Wait til next season to start saying stuff guys lol.

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i usually never argue wether

i usually never argue wether is a good draft or not because is what you personally think. but you take a look at the 2nd round and the players that could slide to the 2nd is clearly it's deep draft. im not going to start throwing 2nd rounders names that can develop into solid starting players, but there are enough, even if counting a couple people not declaring.

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Part of the point guard shortage at the top of the mock is due to the fact that there are few teams with a real need at the position. It's like running back in the NFL: there could be a plethora of talented guys at the position, but few teams are gonna spend a first round pick on one because they have other needs to fill. I mean, you can take, say, the fifth-worst starting PG in the league and its probably gonna be someone decent, like a Mike Conley, Jameer Nelson type, still very solid players. So that's why there may not be that many point guards in the lottery and the first round.

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