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Is Mike Conley losing his job next season?

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Conley will still be the

Conley will still be the starter going into the season. But I think Vasquez will be a role player and get alot of minutes and if he out plays Conley he might have a chance to start. I doubt he will start though, I think OJ would start at PG before Vasquez but I could be wrong.

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It probably depends on how

It probably depends on how Vasquez pans out.
If he becomes a servicable floor general who's able to get all the scorers involved better than Conley, he could become the starter.
But I doubt he'll be ready for it this season. Maybe next.
Despite everything I think he'll quickly become the fan favourite in Memphis. :D

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Vazquez i think will take

Vazquez i think will take over starting role eventually. hes very confident in himself and he can flat out play. i htink he has much better court vision and much more competitive than connely.

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