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Various Topics

1. Tracy McGrady still got some game. He is far better than last year, and it looks like he has gained a bunch of explosiveness back. But most importantly, he doesn't look scared to attack the rim/D out there. He doesn't look like he is thinking as much any more. I think that if the Pistons were smart they would play him much more. He is two times the player Prince, who is playing over him, is.

2. Dwight Howard is one heck of a player but he doesn't showcase his skills on a nightly basis. He needs to stop complaining so much and show out through his game. He should be killing every center in the league for 30, 15 nighlty. He still hasn't gotten serious about the game and trying to win, and when he does I think he is going to cause some major problems.

3. If UD and Miller can get back this year and be somewhat healthy, they will make the Heat 5x more dangerous. Miller has a positive impact on a game, to say the least, and Haslem is superior to any of the Heats current bench players, by a big margin. Some people acknowledge him, but usually only for his hustle and toughness, but he is a player. He can put the ball in the whole, and he knows how to win. Im not saying that Miami would be a definite champion, but they would be really really hard to beat.

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1.I think as the season goes

1.I think as the season goes along..TMac will see more playing time....

2.Orlando needs to find a way to get Howard more than 10 shots a game..A player of his caliber should receive more than 10 shot attempts a game...

3.Miller isnt the same people he was when he was playing in Memphis..When he was a borderline all star...But he's still an underrated rebounder & playmaker...And isnt afraid of contact...Haslem might be more important to them than Bosh....

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