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Any chance of dwight howard and chris paul going to jazz. Jazz have the Caps to add two max player.

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No chance at all for the

No chance at all for the simple fact that Utah is not a major market.

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It give them a chance to win

It give them a chance to win championship. Howard and paul bronze statue would look nice next to stockton and malone.

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D Ho can go wherever he

D Ho can go wherever he wants. He's a big kid now.

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I just don't see Chris Paul

I just don't see Chris Paul leaving the extra 15-20 million that the Clippers will offer to go to a team that probably isn't as good as the Clippers to begin with.

I'd love to see that happen though. It would be so sick to see a huge star like that sign with a team that isn't like a big city.

Do the Jazz really have that much cap space though? Are they expecting Marvin Williams to decline his player option? And even so, they have what? $35 million free? That isn't two max contracts.

Do we know how big the salary cap is going to be this upcoming season?

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doesnt happen anyway

If by some miracle both of those guys did want to come to Utah that would seriously impact Utah's ability to resign Favors, Hayward, Kanter and Burks. To the topic poster you aren't secretly a Lakers fan and wanting to swoop in and snatch up one of them four players i just named if that did happen. Quick side note and Howard and Kanter i dont think D12 likes it when Kanter gaurds him. I dont think Dwight is used to people pushing back when he tries to out muscle them.

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