Utah Jazz

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Utah Jazz

Are setting themselves up for longevity in this league. They have a good core of young players but most of them arent getting alot of time to develop. I just noticed for the first time today that they have two first round draft picks in a deep draft. So if you were the Utah Jazz what would you do? Would you look to trade those two picks for a top 5 selection. Or who would you trade on this roster to open up spots?

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I think they will just add more depth. Hopefully one of their 4-6 lotto picks from 10, 11, 12 drafts bust out and becomes an all star.

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Use their picks to add a

Use their picks to add a back-court.

The Scare Crow ...
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the Jazz dont actually own both picks

They lose one to Minnesota if the make the playoffs , and the Warriors pick is top 7 protected , I think they may get 1 out of two...

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Yes, that is true scarecrow,

Yes, that is true scarecrow, but if you look at how the Jazz and Warriors are playing this year. They are about the same. Which means both are not likely to make the playoffs but still remian close that both picks end up belonging to Utah.

Here's what I am hoping to happen: Right about now (the trade deadline) I'm hoping the Jazz will be able to trade Harris, Miles and the pick from the warriors to the cavs for Sessions, Parker, and their 2013 pick (top 20 protected)

Why: Harris' days with the Jazz are up as are Miles' both are not playing like the Jazz expected them too. The Jazz preform better if a true point guard is running the show. Their offense runs best through a pure point guard. Every plays better if a true point guard is running the show. That's Sessions. He is a starter in this league. You may think that my proposition is a little much for Sessions but the Cavs won't trade him unless they get a pick out of him. The Cavs want to give more playing time to Irving and he deserves it but as long as some who should be starting is backing him up that won't happen, because both of them deserve starter's minutes yet there's only 48 minutes to share between the two since they are both PG's. Harris has not looked so good this year that he deserves to be a backup. Miles is in there as an enticer as is the draft pick. Miles says he plays better when he starts, well the Jazz don't start him because they have such a log jam at the 2 and 3 spots. If the Jazz trade Miles, Burks gets more playing time and he can really develop. If the Jazz get a pure point guard they will play better, and thus Hayward will begin to develop and play better as well Favors and Kanter.

I realize that if this trade happens a pure point guard could be all that the Jazz need to propel them to the playoffs meaning they may lose the pick to Minny as well as the pick from the Warriors because they traded it, but Sessions is only 25 so that means the Jazz can still wait to get a young, true point guard. The top point guards in this draft are likely to go 13-20ish, so I don't think Marshall would work (even though he is a pure point guard, he can't shoot, I'd prefer both) or even Teague. (Wroten isn't even a PG so don't mention him) But if the Jazz lose both thier picks, they still will have 2 in 2013 both in the mid first round. Perfect spot for Kabongo who I think is just who the Jazz are looking for. (I am actually starting to think the 2013 draft will be deeper than this one)

The Cavs also benefit from the trade. They get to add two players just like they did last year. Miles will likely start on the Cavs since there is less of a log jam and he is clearly better than Casspi, and Gibson. So he should do better yet still be the perfect backup to whoever they get this year. (I'm hoping its Beal or Ross or both)

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ponit guard and shooters

ponit guard and shooters

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I would Trade up or Belicheck it

...You know get some future picks... prob doesn't work as well as it does in FB though...The Jazz have a lot of young high draft picks in the front court behind some talented vetern big men who are making big dollars right now. There is no reason to do an all-in move right while those players are still on the books, and your young kids are not ready to start. They have a serious need at PG, but this is not a strong PG class.. However, it is a strong FA year for PGs as a lot of decent ones come off teams payrolls...maybe you can address that issue there.

So of the draft, you have 4 options; you keep the picks & go for more depth and develop more young talent, or you can try to trade up, or you can try and make it so you have two lottery picks next year (maybe it will be a better pg class?) by trading one of you picks this year (very risky gamble) finally you can trade down to gain an asset and draft a PG without making a reach, but that is too speculative right now to think about.

Personally, I would try to trade up and pick up a player like Barnes who has the potential to be an elite wing player. Both barnes and hayward could play together for a time, especially with all the giant men in the middle and most importantly, the Jazz would not be in a situation where they have to worry about extending multiple lottery picks year after year (kinda like what OKC will face soon). Also, those late lottery picks get expensive down the road and you may not be able to give all of the rookies the attention they need. I think I read somewhere that the Jazz have 4 of the ten youngest players in the league (Hayward, Burks, Kanter, Favors). Youngtalent is good, but at this point, I think the jazz need quality over quantity.

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