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I know its only the first preseason game. But i like our team this year. Top 2 pg in the league. A young, talented, big man in Jefferson who has the ability to play some center. Paul Milsap will hopefully (more like rightfully) be a full time starter and will be a big contributer. Also with A.K. being in a contract year i would expect for him to play well. If Miles can play consistent, and a big man like Memo who's a scoring threat of the bench. Do you think there's a chance we could get to the WCF? I think so. I think were still to small to match up well against the Lakers.

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I don't think Utah have a

I don't think Utah have a very good chance of getting to WCF, I think they'll get maybe the 7th or 8th seed and lose in the first round. Gaining Jefferson and Hayward were good additions, but Utah did lose Boozer, Brewer and Wes Matthews.

I think the West is way too stacked.

1. Lakers
2. Dallas
3. Thunder
4. Spurs
5. Portland
6. Houston
7. Denver/Utah
9. Utah/Denver

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Utah finishing 8th or 9th in the West is absurd. We'd have to lose both D-Will and AK to long-term injuries for that to happen.

The whole "contract year" thing is also bogus when it comes to AK-47. Kirilenko wanted to void his entire contract several years ago for a cheaper one in Russia. He isn't playing for a big contract.

If he plays like he did last year, then the Western Conference Finals is not out of the question by any means.

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hard to say. Like many

hard to say. Like many western conference teams, they could finish anywhere from 2nd to 9th and miss the playoffs. But with sloan as coach they have a chance to get to the wcf.

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imo they have a chance

with an elite level pg and one of the best coaches of all time the jazz gotta shot at the wcf imo

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If they don't have to match up against OKC or the Lakers then they might have a shot at WCF.

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The way the west is there's

The way the west is there's about 8 teams who have a shot at the WCF

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Depth at the guard position

Depth at the guard position raises some flags for me on whether a deep playoff run is in the mix. Earl Watson is a great pickup to back up D-Will and they have a pg defender in Bell too, but I think they are really going to miss having Brewer and Mathews defending the wing. If AK47 stays healthy and returns to his form a few years ago then I think their chances get better.

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