Utah has too many bigs NOW

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Utah has too many bigs NOW

WTF so what does this mean? millsap or jefferson gotta go? ohhh dont forget okur but i think he stay to mentor kanter (at least to the all-star break) thoughts???

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love the jazz

Would love to see deal millsap or jefferson and go with favours n kanter starting

jazz are in a very good area to trade this players whom are very serviceable and get some wings! finally

i would love to see how burks turns out. i hope they start him from day one!

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I didn't think they would

I didn't think they would take another big, but they went with BPA.

I think they have to trade one of their bigs. I think they'll likely trade Millsap.

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I feel like they made it known before the draft that they were willing to part with one of their bigs. Okur has an expiring deal that's worth over $10 million, so that will definitely be attractive to suitors. Additionally, Millsap has been put on the block. Same with Al Jefferson, even though he was just dealt a year or two back. Either way, they'll clear up room for Kanter and Favors.

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A prediction on when the trade will happen

Yes, a bigman will be traded but not until Favors can play the starting PF and actually make up for losing Big AL. (Hint hint, I think he will be the big man that is eventually traded. Probably in 2012 or 2013.)

Starting Lineup Next Year:

  1. Devin Harris
  2. CJ Miles
  3. Gordon Hayward
  4. Al Jefferson
  5. Enes Kanter


  • PG: Earl Watson/ Ronnie Price
  • SG: Alec Burks
  • SF: Paul Millsap (Jazz's 6th Man)
  • PF: Derrick Favors
  • C: Kyrylo Fesenko/Memo (If he is able to come back from injury)

Yes, Miles, Price, Watson, and Fesenko will be resigned but AK will go somewhere else.

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