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Alright, I feel as if the Rockets obviously need some size but could also use a SG if we decide to move Kevin Martin this off-season or let him go at the end of his contract.

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The Rockets are pretty set at

The Rockets are pretty set at PF barring a trade, right? Scola is good and long-term, Patterson is up and coming. If you need a big you'd need a C, and that means either Drummond, Leonard, or Zeller. Drummond will probably be off the board, but Leonard and Zeller might still be there at 14. What about swinging for the fences with PJIII?

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Yeah, I'm thinking Leonard or

Yeah, I'm thinking Leonard or Zeller. Moultrie is also an option.

I personally don't think we should go with PJIII. Especially because he plays both small and power forward positions. Positions where we are stacked in. With Parsons, Budinger, Morris, Scola, Patterson, and Motiejunas coming over soon, there will be no room for PJIII to grow.

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The Warriors have 4 picks in

The Warriors have 4 picks in this draft,i doubt if all 4 picks will be on the roster next season..And with a relatively young roster..I think coach Jackson will be looking for a vet...Iggy has been on their radar for a few years..Maybe they'll trade 1 or more of those picks for a vet ..Or select a foreign player and leave him overseas for a year or 2..If Bogut can remain healthy the Warriors will be in the hunt for a 8th seed next year...For some reason i dont feel that the Warriors aren't satified with a Klay Thompson-Curry backcourt....So i wouldnt be surprise if 1 of them is moved soon....

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