User Draft - Cavs War Room!

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User Draft - Cavs War Room!

The Cavs have two picks in the first round, 1 and 19. Since this is a draft lacking of elite level talent as well as a clear number one, I feel that considerations can be made for either BPA or filling a team need with the number one pick. Some players the Cavs are considering at number one:

Nerlens Noel
Ben McLemore
Otto Porter
Anthony Bennett
Alex Len
Victor Oladipo

The 19 pick, in my opinion, will be affected by who we pick at 1. The biggest needs right now are SF and C. Unless we pick a SG first, this pick will probably be the need not addressed at 1. Some possible choices here are:

Sergey Karasev (per Sam Amico)
Reggie Bullock (per Sam Amico)
Giannis Antetokounmpo (sp?)
Gorgui Dieng
Rudy Gobert
Tony Snell

Other suggestions at either pick are very much welcomed!

What is everyone's thoughts?

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