USA vs. Lithuania: Anyone Watching?

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2008 Olympic team was close

2008 Olympic team was close to the dream team this one is not

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^ Agree

The Redeem Team 2008 is better than 2012.

Kidd, Paul, Williams vs Paul, Williams

Kobe, Wade, Redd vs Kobe, Westbrook, Harden

Lebron, Prince vs Durant, Iggy

Melo, Bosh vs Lebron, Melo

Howard, Boozer vs Chandler, Love, Davis

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actually talking about 1992

actually talking about 1992 and comparing dream team with this one we can't make an argument that Lithuania was way better then they are in this championship and they still was destroyed..

first of all to be honest it's only one game aaaand i have heard a lot of rumours Lithuania didn't even tried to play against dream team cause they knew USA were better and they didn't want to be tired for bronze game so maybe it's the reason they played so bad back then

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