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Wisconsin is on the verge of upsetting #2 Indiana as the score is 63-56 with 35 seconds left!

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Big badger fan here! They're

Big badger fan here! They're always a painful team to watch but it's nice to see them pull it off! Sam Dekker has really impressed me this year, it takes a lot to make Bo Ryan trust a freshman with playing time and he has done some nice things with it...

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The Big Ten is sick this

The Big Ten is sick this year. In my opinion the eventual National Champion will come from this conference because they get tested night in and night out unlike the ACC (Duke) or Big East (Louisville).

However, there is a possibility that they just wear eachother out and when the postseason comes around there isn't any gas left in the tank to make that final push.

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Bo Ryan has figured out how 2

Bo Ryan has figured out how 2 beat the Hoosiers,i think he's beaten them in 10 straight meetings

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So using the ole transitive

So using the ole transitive property UVA is better than Indiana, right?

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iu's little back court will

iu's little back court will and could be a problem come march. Farrel and lil jordy cant guard a broom. And they have one guy on the block that can score.

Wisconsin always solid.

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Bucky's PG

Wisco is lucky to have found a productive PG in Jimmy Jackson's offspring. They were severely lacking anyone who could actually beat someone off the dribble and it looks like he took advantage of the situation. Like it has been said, Bo has a proven system and UW, always a team no one wants to see in March.

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Bo Ryan and Wisconsin vs Tom

Bo Ryan and Wisconsin vs Tom Crean. Who do I hate more?

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