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Unknown Gem

In 2 years Florida State will have top 5 pick, his name Chris Singleton. I see young version of Al Thornton, Thornton was raw coming out of highschool ( He was all athlete no skill) which is why it took him longer than other prospects to fully develop, but he improved exponentialy better in his four years at FSU. Singleton current skill set is decent and if he has good work ethic he could be better than Thornton, which is saying alot because Al Thornton is becoming a very good NBA player.

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this man plays strong too

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I go to Florida State, yes, i know my username is off, but anyways, seen him play a couple times and like what I see. His size and speed are striking, he moves very well and is a good, not great jumper. He can really move though, and is a clutch player. As a freshman, agaisnt Carolina he hit a few clutch threes and grapped an offensive board with less than a minute left. He is also a real crowd pleaser, very passionate great showman and I cant wait to see him develop his handle and fill out some, if he could get to 230 and keep his mobility he would be a tank at the 3.

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