The underhand free throw

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The underhand free throw

Why hasn't a single player in the last 30 years tried to bring back the classic Rick Barry freethrow style? Rick was one of the best free throw shooters ever (90% 3818-4243). So if he did it so well it ought to make sense. You would think at least one player would try this technique

I know that basically players usually do freethrows that look like their usual in-game shot, but wouldn't it be marvelous if someone brought back the underhand freethrow?

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He offered to teach Shaq

He offered to teach Shaq years back but its obviously not the coolest thing to do in todays nba culture no matter how much better it makes you

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Guys Don't want to look stupid

Even though there are enough bad free throw shooters, guys are worried about their "image" and thus don't want to be seen chucking up the granny throw. Worked well for the kid in Hoosiers too haha

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becuz it looks so

becuz it looks so Uncool!!

None of Rick Barry's sons have tried shooting underhanded!!!!

When you're at the free throw line..You have to find a groove to get into to be consistent..And shooting under handed worked for Rick Barry ..It might not work for someone else....

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I can do it and shoot 95% if

I can do it and shoot 95% if I wanted to.

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Shaq said he'd miss every

Shaq said he'd miss every free throw before he shot underhanded. That's another reason I don't like Shaq. It showed me that his ego was more important than the team.

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shaq said that sure

shaq said that sure many ppl in the nba today would say the same but if he played in a championship game...and he knew he was goin to miss unless he shot underhand i know he would do it...

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It's a much simpler mechanic.

It's a much simpler mechanic. I remember the excuse for Shaq being that his hands were too large. It is a technique that would definitely alleviate that issue. Chuck Hayes should look into this. You can't get any uncooler than his natural free throw motion.

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i have very little sympathy

i have very little sympathy for bad ft shooters who get paid for playing basketball. Practicing basic mechanics and getting to at least a 70% level is not that hard. And no way would i shoot underhand. If guys cant make regular ft's, its probably due to lack of caring. Dont see how going underhand helps how much someone cares to improve as a shooter. Plus it looks sissy to shoot that way.

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