The Under Appreciated

List you thoughts on the following under appreciated people/things...

1. Athlete

2. NBA Player

3. Song

4. Movie

5. Rapper

6. Woman

7. Coach

8. Sports Franchise

9. NBA Prospect (this years class)

10. Drink (alcholic or non)

I will post mine momentarily...

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Under Appreciated

1. Deron Williams

2. Marcus Camby

3. 1-900-HUSTLER by: Hova, Beanie Siegel, Memph Bleek

4. The Matrix Movies/Hardball (Keanu Reeves = Baller)

5. Tie between French Montana and The Clipse

6. Coco Miller

7. Frank Vogel

8. Philadelphia 76ers

9. Im gonna be raped for this but i think Norris Cole is gonna suprise some people

10. Strawberry Milk

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1. Bo Jackson 2. gotta be

1. Bo Jackson

2. gotta be Reggie Miller with that HOF snub

3. Daydream by Lupe Fiasco feat. Jill Scott

4. Crash

6. Emmanaulle Chiqui (E's girlfriend from Entourage)

7. Bobby Cox, Atlanta Braves

8. St. Louis Cardinals, 2nd to Yankees in World Series, 5 of the best players in baseball history (Musial, the Oz, Lou Brock, Bob Gibson, and Albert), and rivalry with Cubs is beyond underrated

9. Norris Cole

10. i dunno man, i'd say original Budweiser cuz everyone nowadays wants to drink pu$$y light beer....can't beat the King of Beers though

i'm jus so offended
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YEAH @pacers fan, i posted

YEAH @pacers fan, i posted mine before I saw urs, i think Norris Cole can play too, except i hope u meant Ice T's wife Coco Austin cuz Coco Miller has to be the ugliest woman of all time, if your talking about the WNBA player, u must be a rug mucher if u like her

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1. Athlete- Paul Krause NFL

1. Athlete- Paul Krause NFL Safety

2. NBA Player- Zach Randolph/Gerald Wallace

3. Song- Da Rockwilder- Method Man n Redman

4. Movie- The Ice Harvest...loved it for some sick reason

5. Rapper- Immortal Technique

6. Woman- Alyson Hannigan...i think its the eyes or seemingly innocence. I aint even usually attracted to redheads.

7. Coach- Nate McMillan

8. Sports Franchise- San Antonio Spurs

9. NBA Prospect (this years class)- Malcolm Lee

10. Drink (alcholic or non)- Luksusowa vodka...gets the job done, a great value potato distilled vodka. The Pols did it right on this one.

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1. Athlete- Antonio Gates 2.

1. Athlete- Antonio Gates

2. NBA Player- Grant Hill (he needs to be on a contending team)

3. Song- Kid Ink- Insane

4. Movie- The Temptations

5. Rapper- Kid Ink

6. Woman- Lindsey Harding (she can ball and she is fine!)

7. Coach- Phil Jackson

8. Sports Franchise- Detroit Lions

9. NBA Prospect (this years class)- Kalin Lucas, Durrell Summers

10. Drink (alcholic or non)- Lemonade

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wait... how is Phil Jackson underappreciated???

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1. Ichiro Suzuki

2. Scottie Pippen

3. Changes - Tupac

4. Space Jam

5. Mac Miller

6. Lauren Conrad

7. Rick Adelman

8. Sacramento Kings in the early 2000s

9. Kenneth Faried

10. Arizona Iced Tea

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1. andrew bogut ( in a way)

1. andrew bogut ( in a way) 2. Mike Conley 3. human nature by mj + ante up mop 4. toy story 3 5. joe budden 6. drew sidora :) 7. lionel hollins 8. sacramento kings 9. jereme richmond 10. ginger ale/root beer good with any meal

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1. Marvin Harrison

2. Mitch Richmond

3. The Sweater Song --- Weezer

4. Citizen Kane --- we know right now that this was considered the greatest movie of all time but way back in Orson Welles' days, he was crucified and criticized for this..

5. Nas

6. Nancy Lieberman

7. Rick Adelman

I will add Jerry Sloan here for not winning any Coach of the Year award while coaching the Utah Jazz for an amazing 23 years...

8. Charlotte Bobcats

9. Klay Thompson

10. waterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Phil Jackson

*11 time NBA Champion with the Bulls(1991,1992,1993,1996,1997,1998) and Lakers (2000,2001,2002,2009,2010)

*6 time East Champs with the Bulls

*7 time West Champs with the Lakers

1995-1996 NBA Coach of the Year with the Bulls

Highest winning percentage in coaching in the NBA...

2007 Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee..

--------------That doesn't scream underappreciated.. But anyways, its your opinion... Gotta respect that...

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1. Roger Federer -- A pillar

1. Roger Federer -- A pillar of class, skill, sportsmanship, dignity, and excellence.

2. Steve Nash -- Statistically, he's the greatest shooter of all time. No one else has went 50-40-90 more than once and Nash has done it five times. (Ray Allen and Larry Bird both did it once).

3. The Old Rugged Cross -- Greatest hymn of all time.

4. The Deer Hunter -- 1978 best picture. I'm a sucker for Vietnam movies.

5. No opinion

6. Caroline Wozniacki -- She's a tennis player.

7. Pete Carril -- Architect of Princeton offense; adapted it to the NBA for Sacramento's playoff runs. Hilariously dweeby.

8. Spurs, Steelers, Braves. I'm not a fan of any of these franchises, but they seem to win every single year.

9. I'll give you three: Shelvin Mack, Justin Harper, Ben Hansbrough

10. A&W Cream Soda

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David Wright, NY Mets or if

David Wright, NY Mets or if you mean athletic NBA player Aaron Gray...jk. I'd say Rondo gets slept on

Tayshaun Prince

The Truth-India Arie nearly cried when i saw the video prolly don't even know what movie this is lol

Curren$y. J.E.T. Life to the Next Life...nuff said

Rosario Dawson-saw her naked on no homo lol...and adventures of pluto nash, so fine

Ron Gardenhire-coach of minnesota twins

Minnesota twins, even though I hate them as a Tigers fan

Kyle Singler

Non Alcoholic drink-Dr. Pepper Alcholic Beverage-Hypnotic

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1. Chris Paul(sticking to Nba

1. Chris Paul(sticking to Nba since thats the only sport i watch now,he is still the best point guard in the Nba, the most effficent player in the NBA,most fans rate him 4th or 3rd best point guard lol)

2. Emeka Okafor

3. Animal Lover-Dirt Nasty :)

4. The Uninvited(got awful reviews i liked it alot and i wanna f the shit out of Emily Browning)

5. Jeru the Damaja

6. Jennette Mccurdy(she has no fakes profile on cfakes :( and she has been 18 for a while thats silly)

7. Rick Adelman!!!

8. WWE :p nah i really dont have one,though i loved the WWE with Bobby Lashley and Batista at one point

9. Tobias Harris/Demetri Mccamey

10. Orange Soda (funny that Kenane and Kel was one of the first tv shows i remember from my childhood and I LOVE MY ORANGE SODA!!)

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