Unbelievable NBA 2K13 News Wow!

Hey guys, I don't know if you guys have already heard about this but the upcoming greatest basketball game of all time will feature some totally new upgrades that will transform your basketball experience especially in my career mode.

Herafter is a link with a bit more info concerning updates with NBA 2K13. They say that we will be able to personalize our own player's pregame ritual! You can come into the arena doing a handstand lol! Also during our career mode our progress, our performances and our commercials that we choose to take part in, will get comments by celebrties on twitter. Like if you have a great game, you will be hailed as amazing by the most famous basketball following celebs. But if you have a bad game, look out for the hatred! Last but not least for this link, we will be able to customize our player closet, so like before you could change your in game attires like headbands, longsocks, armbands etc, but now you can even choose how you'll come dressed for the game (out of the bus) or how you'll come dressed when visiting summer games and events on the nba blackcourt. How cool is that!

Furthermore NBA 2K13 is also going to (I know you'll love this) allow you to create your own shoes. Out of different materials, fabrics, patterns, colors, and 45 different layers, you will be able to build and order your kicks in the game. BUT... IT GET'S BETTER! Not only does that apply in virtual life where you can also post them online and draw comments, you can actually send them to Nike ID and they can handmake those shoes for you and ship them to your very door. Waah!

It's gonna be great ;)

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