Ugly Divorces between NBA team and Euro Stars

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Ugly Divorces between NBA team and Euro Stars

There had been quite a few ugly divorces between NBA team and Euro Stars and the latest on the news is Rudy Fernandez.

Frankly, I am disappointed that the situation became as ugly as it was. Both sides definitely didn't handle the situation properly.

Rudy Fernandez was not a good fit for the TrailBlazers because of the game style (with Roy dominating the ball) and the coach preference (Rudy ain't exactly a defender that McMillan likes).

The Blazers should have traded away Fernandez long ago before he went all frustrated and came public with his frustration. I think the Blazers are asking for too much and trying to rip off the other team in every deal. A teen pick in the 2010 draft was probably a fair trade but Blazers still turned down the opportunity to unload an unhappy camper.

Anyway, I do want to discuss about the implication of all these failed Euro stars in the NBA.

VSpan with the Rockets and Navarro with the Griz certainly came to mind. The ACB and the Greek league certainly bring enough competition to the NBA for players that stars in those league would prefer quick return if things don't work out.

I think this would certainly affect future drafts when GMs have to consider Euro stars inability to take on a role of being a role player instead of the top dog of the team. If I am a GM, I would certainly be concerned about drafting stars player out of ACB or Greek league.

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