UConn's standing

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UConn's standing

So with their most recent loss to Providence, where do you guys see UConn standing as far as the NCAA tournament goes? Does a loss against Pitt mean they won't make it, or are they pretty much guaranteed a spot regardless?

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on the bubble

i think if they lose to pitt and don't put together some wins in the big east tourney, they may not make it in. you gotta remember that the selection committee seems to favor teams on winning streaks to teams that are losing come tourney time. uconn has looked horrible in the last month. 3-9 in their last 12.

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Terrific game today, UConn

Terrific game today, UConn really did not look motivated throughout the game. PC came back because of careless turnovers by Napier and Boatright and a very illadvised technical foul called on Drummond. Drummond showed his lack of poise since after he got the T he continued to argue with the ref and would have gotten a second one if his teammates didnt restrain him. Great win for PC and a very telling loss for UConn

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I think everyone can agree

I think everyone can agree that the technical was ridiculous. We were playing very well for 75% percent of the game, then we just decided to not give the ball to Drummond down low anymore, even though he was dominating. I think it shows me the mistakes of Blaney as a head coach. I personally do not think this was a telling loss, as there were a few things that UConn could not control that swayed it in PC's favor

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If UConn doesn't make the

If UConn doesn't make the tournament and they are barred from participating next season then Drummond is as good as gone in my opinion. That's without even factoring in the ill-health of Calhoun.

He needs to be fed the ball in the post more, but their guards are simply not looking to pass-first.

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