Uconn SOS

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Uconn SOS

I am Uconn fan and cant understand how UConn has the 8th toughest out of conference schedule in the country...Here is their schedule:

Columbia, Wagner, Maine, Coppin State, UNC Asheville (neutral), UCF (neutral), Florida State (neutral), Harvard, Holy Cross, Fairfield, @Tennesee.

They had one true road game on that entire schedule against Tennesee. The only SURE tournament teams are Florida State and Harvard. Fairfield is having a good season but Iona should come out of the MAAC. Somebody please tell me how this is the 8th toughest out of conference schedule!

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Great Question

Bump... I think this is a great question. I'm interested in hearing an explanation as well.

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That's why I am not high on

That's why I am not high on Jeremy Lamb. The UConn team lost Kemba Walker and added Andre Drummond and yet the team is so horrible this year.

I think Lamb is too overrated on this website. He's not too good of a scorer nor shooter. His defense is overrated. He got high potential, but I am not sure if he can reach that.

I am not sure about his character and he shows bad body languages. His team is losing like crazy. These are all red flags to me. I would certainly take Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Harrison Barnes, and Bradley Beal over him. Maybe even Perry Jones and Tony Wroten.

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They just dont have much in the way of upperclassman leadership. I think Lamb will be a good pro, he hasnt done anything to suggest otherwise. He scores 18 points per game and shoots a good percentage from the field, plus he's very long and athletic and has a pretty jumper. He can also create his own shot. Players that produce in college and possess elite measurables and athleticism don't just dissapear in the pro's because their teams isnt performing up to expectations.

Uconn doesn't have kemba who was essential to theyre champtionship run last year because he took over the game when he needed to.

Plus, in the regular season last year (with Kemba), Uconn finished 9-9 in the big east with an overall record of 21-9. They weren't exactly an elite team, but they caught fire in the big east tournament and never lost again.

They lost a Junior leader in Kemba Walker who averaged 23.5 ppg 5.4 rpg, and 4.5 apg

and added Drummond who is averaging 10ppg, 7.8rpg, 0.5 apg

and boatwright whose averaging 10.4ppg, 3.2rpg, 3.9apg

If you add those 2 together you get 20.4 ppg, 11 rpg, 4.4 apg

those numbers seem fairly comprable to Kemba's until you consider that kemba produced those numbers in 37.6 minutes per game and Drummond and Boatwright combined average 57.5 minutes per game...In those extra 20 minutes, you are getting 3 less points per game, 5.6 more rebounds per game and 0.1 less assists per game.

So I think it's pretty clear here that gaining both boatwright and drummond does not even come remotely close to making up for losing Kemba. Uconn's poor performance has nothing to do with Lamb, he's playing well.

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U Conn went from being a

U Conn went from being a talented upper class team, to a team that last season depended so much on Walker and won the title..Becuz everyone knew their roles..But this season so many players are capable of being offensive weapons and everyone is looking for his own shot....So now they dont have anyone doing the dirty work..Not even rugged center Alex Oriakhi is playing like he did last season,he's looking to score and thats not what Calhoun wants from him..Napier & Boatright has been inconsistent the last couple of games..It seems most of their roles players are trying to impress scouts.....

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Lamb will be a solid pro,but

Lamb will be a solid pro,but more in the Kerry Kittles mold...Kittles had the same demeanor that Lamb has, sort of too laid back..But Scouts loved him becuz he had the body of the typical shooting guard,nice wingspan,good athlete,nice shooting touch,but wasnt as aggressive as he should've been.....

I agree with NashyMing guys on here have been overating Lamb,some even were comparing him to Jordan earlier in the season..lmao...

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I think they deserve an NIT

I think they deserve an NIT bid, unless they win the Big East Tourney. You have to commend them for scheduling a tough non-conference, but I don't think you can use that as a reason why they lost 12 games.

6 out of the top 10 SOS teams are ranked and 4 are in the top 10. I blame the inconsistancy of Calhoun's absense more than I do Jeremy Lamb or any other player, but lets face it. They scheduled a schedule like a defending champ or top 10 team would, it was a good schedule if you're wanting to poise yourself for a #1 seed. Duke, UNC, Michigan St and Kansas all have top 8 SOS and they pulled it off, all will be #1 or #2 seeds in the NCAA tournament.

U Conn just didn't pull it off, it shouldn't be used as an excuse. The strategy just didn't work. They still have an outside shot, but if they don't get 20 wins, then I don't think they deserve to be in, if they do or win the conference tourney, then welcome aboard.

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Connecticut 8th in CONFERENCE SOS

They are 8th in the strength of conference schedule, but the "SOS" module is sort of broken. UConn is actually 16th in non-conference RPI and 15th in non-conference SOS. The issue is, at least for non-conference SOS, it just adds up all of the records of the teams they have played. That means that 214-141 (60.2%) winning percentage of the teams they faced non-conference is the 15th best winning percentage of all teams combined non-conference opponents.

I agree that they did not have as tough of a non-conference schedule as their ranking in this suggests, but their conference schedule has been really difficult. With the Big East having 16 teams, not everyone is going to have to go through as tough of a schedule as UConn did. I feel that South Florida had a much easier road, which is why they have benefited in conference play as opposed to UConn.

Nonetheless, UConn is no sure thing to make the tournament. They have been incredibly erratic these last few weeks and losing to Providence did not help their cause. I think this Pitt game is a must win and they should hope to win a few rounds of the Big East tournament. I do not think they necessarily HAVE to make the conference championship to make it and may get the benefit of the doubt for having a really difficult schedule. Still, if they got a win over a ranked Big East opponent, that would really help their cause.

UConn obviously has some incredible talent but have just looked lost for a good part of the season. They really never got it together and losing to Providence at this point of the season will probably not garner much sympaths from the committee. I would love to see what this team could do in the NCAA tournament and am a huge fan of Andre Drummond as a prospect, along with Jeremy Lamb who I still believe is a strong SG prospect as well. Still, they will have to earn a berth in the tournament and if they lose to Pitt and only win a round or two in the Big East tournament, this might be a NIT squad. It would be sad with the talent on this team, but they have been incredibly disappointing as a collective unit.

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imagine if they made the tourney...

I don't think they will make the NCAA tournament, but if they did they would be a scary team to play. I'm just waiting for Drummond to explode, and Lamb may start to play with some more urgency once he has another player's energy to feed off of.

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^yea they suck this year but

^yea they suck this year but i bet not a lot of teams would like to be matched up against them

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