UCLA & Jordan Bachynski

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UCLA & Jordan Bachynski

Well after UCLA's big win versus Arizona, today they lost by 18 to Arizona State. They obviously missed Travis Wear who was out with a concussion but what does it say about this team and it's consistency? Also it gives Oregon a full 2 game lead of the Pac-12. Also Jordan Bachynski C 7-2 at Arizona state had 22 points, 15 rebounds, 6 blocks, on 10-12 shooitng, I was very impressed with him and do you think he could be a potential draft pick in the next two years? (He's a Junior)

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Bachynski is definitely at

Bachynski is definitely at least a second rounder whenever he comes out. 7-2, skilled. Over 4 blocks a game. I'm not surprised at all about today's game. Asu is legit . I actually thought they outplayed oregon for the majority of that game 2 weeks ago and cost themselves the win. Jahii Carson would be my pick as of today for PAC 12 player of the year.

Also not having Travis wear was huge. Take away arguably the best player(toss up between Travis and bazz) and most teams would struggle.

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Ive been tracking Jordan

Ive been tracking Jordan Bachinski's production all year. At the begginnong of the year when he got his first triple dbl I thought his production would slow down but he just gets better every game. Being a 7-footer, a hardworking rebounder and disciplined shot blocker always translates to the NBA not to mention he is coachable and skilled. Id give him an early to mid 2nd round pick and be enthusiastic about it.

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