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Will ucla beat missouri tonite and become legit? Will shabazz have another 20+ game tonite?

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Will beat UCLA.

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Crazy game. Reactions?

Crazy game. Reactions?

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UCLA is coming together, and even when certain players(Adams, anderson) play bad others step up(the wears). This team is really starting to remind me of the north carolina team a few years ago when barnes was a freshman. A team filled with young players that struggled at the beginning that is going to make a run in the tourney. North Carolina was second in the acc to Duke that season as #1 in their conference, and UCLA could potentially finish second to Arizona.

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That was hands down the best

That was hands down the best college game I've seen. Bazz was ridiculous, can you say killer instinct? Larry Drew II was very frustrating, he almost cost them the game with his constant isolations down the stretch, but finally figured to drive and kick. Anderson is a joke, he doesn't create anything, he can't score and while he rebounds okay that won't translate to the NBA. He's a huge liability defensively, unless he gets in a LOT better shape he'll get eaten alive in the NBA. The Wear twins played great, hit some really tough shots and battled hard for the rebounds. Adams showed his scoring ability, did great to tie the game at the end, he could find a place in the NBA as a sixth man spark plug.

But really, I came away from this game extremely impressed with Bazz. It was like night and day from his first game of the season, his competitiveness was brilliant. Whichever team gets him is going to be very lucky, he just needs to keep working to fix his weaknesses.

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Phil Pressey: 19 Points, 19 assists

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