ucla 2012 recruits.

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ucla 2012 recruits.

i think UCLA is in a very good but awkward situation right now

they already have two commitments from jordan adams (a great shooter) and dominic artis (a ben howland type of PG)

they are also in the final list for top players such as shabazz muhammad, brandon ashley, shaq goodwin, kyle anderson, robert upshaw, and LJ Rose (i believe he is out since artis committed first)

furthermore, rosco allen, xavier johnson, and moto are also considering UCLA.

however, UCLA only has three scholarship spots available for 2012 (unless players such as reeves nelson or josh smith decide to leave early), what should they do? does ben howland still go all out and try to recruit every player or should he only focus on muhammad, one of the top rated players in the country? what if UCLA recruits more ppl than the spots available, does coach howland ask some players such as stover to give up his scholarship or he let go some of the commitments?

i bet coach howland is probably somewhere smiling right now bc he has the attentions of many top recruits but he is probably also hoping things turn out well and that he doesnt have to make some hard choices later..

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he attacks muhammed either

he attacks muhammed either way he is on that kobe bryant dwyane wade type of drive and motivation that you must go for. So if he lands just him its successful but also go for brandon ashley the guy is a stud just needs to put on more weight.

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