Tyson Chandler

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Tyson Chandler

Interesting stat...Tyson Chandler has 3 straight games with EXACTLY 20 rebounds...he's been a monster all season and pretty much the NBA's premier defensive center the past three seasons (this includes dwight howard)... Tyson only averages 1 block per game but hes a phenomenal help defender and such a solid PnR defender as well because of his athleticism and length...

and offensively hes shooting 68% from the there a better center in the eastern conference right now?

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Still can't believe the

Still can't believe the transformation Chandler has made since he was drafted...It's hard to imagine but he was like a hybrid SF/PF out of high school kinda like Darius Miles was (if you don't believe me research his high school days and draft reports) he could even shoot 3's a bit in HS..I love when players realize what they can do to help a team win and he has done that.. he's super athletic, unselfish, and works really hard. Would always want a guy like him on my team...

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Random but he lost a super

Random but he lost a super bowl bet with Melo and had to wear a Bal Ravens Hat for the interview after the game today when talking about the 20+ rebs in 3 straight games. Melo is from Maryland and Tyson is from Compton but still a 49er's fan so loser had to wear the others hometown state's hat

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I still feel bitter that

I still feel bitter that Cuban let him go ,time to move on I guess ,glad to see how good he is with the Knicks

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Cuban didn't realize that

Cuban didn't realize that Chandler had completely reinvented himself as a this super efficient scorer while also being able to rebound and defend. Cuban thought that the Championship year was just an outlier and that Chandler wouldn't be able to keep it up. So Cuban decided not to pay. Big mistake. Cuban was wrong and Chandler keeps being dominant. The talk about him being a fantastic defender is actually kind of not the whole story. It is his ridiculously high league leading TS% that makes him a beast. This string of rebounding is an aberration. He is a very good rebounder and he is a very good defender. But as far as rebounding he hasn't been a top rebounder in the league for years. Top ten, sure, but he won't finish the year top five is my guess. And he doesn't block a ton of shots or get many steals. Because of that he is not as good a defender as Joakim Noah. And on a per minute basis Drummond is out rebounding Chandler and forget about blocking shots, he's doing that at a whole different level. But Chandler's ridiculous 71 TS% makes him the better Center than Noah and he has more experience and defensive skills than Drummond. So it is actually his offense which so often gets overlooked which is actually the special thing he brings to the table.

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"And he doesn't block a ton

"And he doesn't block a ton of shots or get many steals. Because of that he is not as good a defender as Joakim Noah"

Chandler is not as good a defender as Noah, but not because of blocks or steals... I think you're overrating bare stats a little.

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