Tyrese Rice what are your thoughts?

I'm from the Bean seen him play for 4 years so I know his game well. I'm curious what others think of him and his game? What kind of player in the league he will be or if you think he will be drafted at all? Take a look at his scouting report if you get a chance.

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I think i have him going to

I think i have him going to SA in my mock, he will be a solid back up PG sue to lack of height.

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he will be drafted

I see rice as a 3rd string pg. He will have some shinning moments though, He will be brought into the game to spark a stagnent offense in the 2nd half of games,and fill in nicely for a injured starter. Then he will get a chance in 3-4 years to be a solid backup.

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Going to Europe

He will be a solid player in Europe.

(he will get drafted though, but I doubt he will make the roster)

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i think he can be a surprise

i think he can be a surprise pick. there is no doubt he can score. i see him as being an eddie house type. bring him in to pick up the tempo and get some points. if he can play some good d, he might be the next aaron brooks.

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i completely agree with

i completely agree with juves...he reminds me of aaron brooks so much. He played incredibly well against some of the best teams in the nation over his past few years at bc so i really think this guy can be a surprise and a steal of this draft

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I agree with the aaron brooks comparison

I agree with the aaron brooks comparison.

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I like Rice as a player and

I like Rice as a player and even if he doesnt find a role in the NBA next year, he will find his way there like maybe a Will Bynum or that kids in GSW. This draft being deep in point guard could push him back some.

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