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I havent been on this site in a long time but I have been watching players games for my radio sports too show...I was at the Memphis/Mizzu game and many NBA scouts were their also and the hot name that was buzzing around the arena was tyreke evans....this kid has all the skills on the offensive end(i think scouts knew about sum of his game but thought his game was far to much playground) but say what you want about coach cal but he toned down his game and now I see him more of a prospect than James Harden....a few months ago that statment would of been terrible but please tell me why not??? This kid didnt make the huge jump like derrick rose did n the tourney but I think he will jump from late 1st round to lottery

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I agree. And another thing I

I agree. And another thing I see this site wants to hype up Derozan but Evans make more "basketball plays" and can actually break his man down off the dribble. Yes Evans is not the greatest assist man for someone who handles the ball so much but in the NBA the objective is to score the ball until if someone stops you then you kick it to the open man. Most NBA guards have that mentality. As far as Harden, he is the one guy I would say Evans is more athletic or explosive than. And that's not good. Another knock people have on Evans is his jump shot but how many college freshman have a consistent shot...not many. In fact, a consistent jump shot isn't usually developed until a few years in the league, look at Westbrook or Rose. Although Mayo and Gordon are good shooters they decided to make that apart of their games early in the development with hundreds of shot a day in practice. So imagine Evans, if he has a good work ethic which I hear he does, in a couple years having a consistent shot with his handles. And then he learns how to pass to teammates once he breaks his man down. That is what you call "potential" exactly what NBA scouts look for. People compare Evans to Larry Hughes (laughable) well I could compare Derozan to Gerald Green for James White (ouch).

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Finally some 1 who knows

Finally some 1 who knows basketball great job

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larry hughes

before he was kidnapped and replaced with his horrible Identical Twin brother, he was pretty good. Good defense and steals man, 20 ppg scorer, showed alot of nice potential on the wing. If Evan's was to be a 20 5 and 5 player like Larry Hughes was for a year or two, that would be pretty nice development Id say.

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Jamal Crawford

I'd say Tyreke is Jamal Crawford 2.0. Nothin but a decent 1-on-1 offensive player.
Harden is the far better NBA prospect.

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Reke is not close to the athelete that harden is. Harden is one of those 'sneaky atheletic guys' the ones that if your not careful can put you on a poster in the blink of an eye. Don't say harden is not atheletic because most likely you haven't seen him play enough and you've only seen some f his highlights. I have watched this kid zinc high school and can tell you first hand he can fly on occasion. When he was in highschool I was watching him play. He got a steal went up against a defender and the windmilled the ball around him for a dunk! You will never see reke do that anytime in his career. Don't get me wrong tyreke is a hell of a ball player. I'm just saying that the coment about him being more atheletic than harden is completely false.

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Uh i would have agreed that harden was a "sneaky athlete" about two weeks ago, but know he just looks slow and unathletic. Paul peirce is a sneaky athlete but he is also about 6'7 6'8 and about 230 he is just stronger than most SF other than LeBron. But on the topic of Reke vs. Harden i would have said harden without a skipping a beat not to long ago, but the more i watch Evans the more i like his game. He is a good ballhandler who makes solid descisions with it, he has the ability to play the point and the 2 and even a little three. Harden is strictly a 2 gaurd who is extremly unselfish and will make a great complimentary player to a Super-Star. The main difference between the two though is Evans willingness and ability to defend he plays on the best defensive team in the country and effects the game on the deffensive end. Neither i think will ever be a star but in the right situations both can succeed. Harden as a compliment to a team with a big and Evans with a team who has one of the combo gaurds, possibly a team like OKC.

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king is here

Tyreke evans showed me the same things against mizzou that he showed me all season. He can score with the best of them and he is an offensive talent,but he took 25 shots I believe and made 7 or 8. He is going to have to be more efficient if he to be a number 2 scoring option in the league. He also isn't a point guard,he is super turnover prone and he gets caught taking the ball too deep in the paint and getting trapped.his size does get him out of trouble though and he can make passes other pgs can't. I think harden is the better nba player because he has better overall attributes, he just has to be more aggressive. I don't think he will be more than an ok defender because he isn't quickfooted or quickhanded. He isn't a good athlete either,he will never rise and dunk on any nba frontcourt player when he makes it.he isn't a horrible athlete but he isnt going to test that well at the nba combine,but he may bench press decent.

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Harden is a much better athlete than he showed down the stretch this season, at the Lebron skills academy he was suprisingly as athletic as every wing player other than the truly elite athletes there (first hand knowledge of that fact). I think the weight of carrying ASU and that predictable, slow half court offense and the fact that he is very unselfish (to a fault sometimes) made him and that team easily defendable in the tournament. I use to think that Harden had the best dribble/drive game of any wing in college but after watching Evans a few times that distinction is his alone. That kid can get to the whole on anybody and any defense, he has that quick controlled dribble and he doesnt waste alot of motion with it and his first and second steps off that bounce are very quick and powerful. He just doesnt have the explosiveness to consistently finish those plays he makes (hence the 8 for 25). The thing with Evans is that unless he makes himself into a legit point guard, or reallly makes his calling card his defense than the track record for young iso style wing players with inconsistent jumpers is not good when it comes to success in the NBA (harold minor, dejaun wagner, courtney alexander, dion glover to name a few). I think Harden is the more naturally advanced/well rounded player and can give more to an NBA team sooner. IMO

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cant say

i cant say reke will develop into jamal crawford. to me jamal is one of the most underrated scoring guards in the L. i also think jamal has one of the nastiest crossovers and finds ways 2 score. but i can see reke being a pretty good player for years 2 come

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