Tyreke Evans trade value?

We've all heard the 5th pick & Tyreke for the 29th & Noah rumor, which means it probably won't happen. What I'm wondering is what the perceived value for Evans is around the league? Is it so low that it makes no sense for the Kings to move him or are there teams out there who think they could turn him around in their system?

I think given the 'sell low' nature of the situation, the Kings should probably wait at least until mid-season to move him (if they are) - give him an offseason and camp to hopefully find a jump shot and figure out how to fit in. If he can't, can his value really get much lower? I think any team taking him on - now or then - would have to think they could make better use of him within their scheme than the Kings do; and he'll still put up points even if he's not helping the team win much.

At the same time, if another team is willing to pay to be the team to take that risk, there has got to be a price at which they'd jump. Houston sending Kyle Lowry and one of their 1st rounders for Tyreke & the Kings 2nd rounder would be a deal I think the Kings would probably take for example. But then again, not sure the Rockets are one of those teams who would be a good fit for Evans; and unlikely they'd make that deal if that's the case.

Anyone got anything to add here?

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The Kings probably will

not trade him. They already said that teams would have to give up alot for Tyreke. They thought Tyreke and the 5th pick for Noah was too much. Also, Tyreke has been personally working with Petrie and he will be training with Mitch Richmond over the summer as well. One thing is for certain, this season with the Kings is make or break for Tyreke.

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I would have his value higher

I would have his value higher than most analysts. That #5 & Evans for Noah that ESPN proposed, not rumored, is ridiculous. I probably wouldn't trade EITHER for Noah, let alone both. Noah will get you 10&10 and 1.5 blocks which isn't remarkably hard for a center playing full time minutes. He's a good all around defender but some are saying the Bulls are already semi upset with what they're set to pay him over the next few years, and by current standards for centers his contract isn't that ridiculous.

Evans has proven that he can be a 20-5-5 guy. He's a very situation dependent player and playing with trigger-happy young guys like Cousins, Thornton and Jimmer is not helping him. Blind to whatever situation he might go to, I think a mid-later (7-10) lottery pick or a guy like Al Jefferson would be equal value.

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imo utah wouldnt trade jefferson for evans even up

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I understand

When people say the Kings should trade Tyreke due to addition by subtraction. But the guy wants to stay on the Kings, and him along with Cousins are working hard this off season. If Reke indeed is working hands on by the GM and Mitch Richmond then I say let the man get his shot. Let him battle it out for the 2 spot with thornton. If he loses, then trade him. I think Evans 'former rookie of the year' deserves one more season. Seeing as how his former coach didn't do much to improve his abilities. You don't find an athletic guard 6'6" with his ability to get to the basket at will very often. Call me a fool if you want to, but I want Evans to stay. Unless Cousins figures other wise.

Lol I mean its pretty obvious Cousins is the new face of the franchise. But who's to say Evans can't form a tandem with him?

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Evans hasn't improved since

Evans hasn't improved since he entered the league, which is why Sacramento is seeing what they can get for him. If he doesn't get better this offseason, his value isn't going to get any higher even if they put off trading him.

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Evans value, rightly or not,

Evans value, rightly or not, is in the toilet. Not only has he failed to get better since entering the league - he's regressed. The Sac atmosphere is toxic, it seems, and their young guys haven't really developed in ages.

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I'm with BTPH

But I've always felt that Reke was EXTREMELY overrated... No way in hell will I trade Noah for him unless I knew I was getting Andre Drummond with that pick... I wouldn't trade a 7 foot defensive/hard working big man for a non-shooting ball hog in Evans... That's dumb as hell to me... At best Tyreke is a 6th man but shouldn't be in anyone's starting line-up... He can't do anything for you there... He's not good/efficient enough to be your #1 option, can't shoot to play off ball, and doesn't pass good enough to play PG... His 18,5,5 was on a garbage team where he had the ball 24/7... If ANY decent NBA had free reign like that they would put up 18 as well...

Best case PRAY he improves that jumper... If not trade him for anything at this point...

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I don't know why any team

I don't know why any team that wants to win would want Tyreke. He's a net negative player a la Corey Maggette.

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As a Bulls fan, I don't want

As a Bulls fan, I don't want Tyreke Evans on our team....

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6th man

Tuck echoed something I've been thinking about Evans for a while...that his best role might be off the bench because he's such a ball-stopper. Build a second unit around him that has a couple high-energy defensive guys who can get to the rim and rebound and a couple spot up shooters he can feed out to if the defense collapses. Let him attack for 20-30 minutes a game depending on matchups - the contrast between him and the smaller, starting guards would be something the Kings should be able to take advantage of on certain nights I'd imagine. Just need to fill that 3 spot in the starting lineup; something either MKG or Barnes (hopefully MKG!) would ably do.

Evans definitely needs special handling, but he's a baller...we'll see. Bottom line is it sounds like the consensus is it would be hard to imagine the Kings getting much value for him right now.

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Remember 2 years ago when

Remember 2 years ago when every other day someone was making a thread saying, 'if only OKC would have taken Evans over Harden, they'd be such a better team'.

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He is who he is, but he's especially badly surrounded, no vets, too much youth and chuckers.

To his credit he played injured and/or out of position nearly the entire season.

A heady point, a shooting SF, a defensive PF and that's another story for him...and the kings.

In fact, give him 75% of the Tar Heels in this draft...

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He isn't "who he is." That's

He isn't "who he is." That's nonsense, particularly for a young player who never had much coaching. Bosh was a bad defender in Toronto and is excellent in Miami. System, coaching and development change a lot. Evans needs a change of scenery for all 3.

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I'm a jazz fan, and honestly, I have no idea where any of you guys are coming from. I'd take Evans in a heartbeat. The man can get to the basket any time he wants. And I have no doubts that his shot will come with time as he matures. I'd definitely trade Jefferson or Milsap for Evans.

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I've been saying it since the all-star break.

... that the kings were going to trade Tyreke... Got negged then, but most people thought they had to keep him one more year. If it seems obvious to me that a trade should happen, then NBA exec probably thought of it months before. When you are slow to act, everyone knows that you are trying to be a seller and a player's value naturally drops.

Tyreke started the year off really poorly but shot %50 for the last two months of the year. Personally, I think that we have not seen the finished product with Tyreke. You know, its possible for players to learn to shoot better. Westbrook, Stuckey, and Billups are all examples of that (People on this site seem to be convinced that it is inevitable that MKG will improve).

If a player they like drops to 8, I could see them pulling the trigger with Toronto, but I have to agree with whomever said that they are just trying to figure out his value. If he is really training with Mitch Richmond, then they are still trying to develop him. Developing a player by hiring a former NBA all-star to personally coach him costs money. You don't spend money to develop a player that you are done with. That said, this is a make or brake year for him.

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