Tyreke Evans Trade...

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Tyreke Evans Trade...

I think the trade that makes the most sense for Sacramento is to trade Tyreke to Utah for Paul Millsap.

I'm still not sure it is wise to give up on Tyreke but i believe this trade would benefit both teams. This would remove the logjam at the 4-5 for Utah and give Sacramento a great PF to pair with Cousins. Also this would give Utah a playmaker on the wing that they don't really have right now.

Sacramento Lineup:

PG - I. Thomas - Fredette
SG - Thornton - Salmons
SF - T. Williams - Greene
PF - Millsap - J. Thompson
C - Cousins - Hayes - Whiteside

I think this would give Sacramento the best chance moving forward. They get a responsible veteran in Millsap to mix in with all the youth and he would compliment Cousins perfectly.


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i dont know why utah would go

i dont know why utah would go after tyreke when the have alec burks and gordon haywood as their future wing players

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Hell no! Why does everybody

Hell no! Why does everybody keep on coming up with all the weak ass trades for Tyreke?

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No offense

But I would never let Reke go knowing that Thorton would be my starting shooting guard. He's a black hole offensively

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Other than trading Evans in a

Other than trading Evans in a package for a superstar or borderline superstar I don't see Evans going anywhere. They would rather wait to see if he can become one, rather than trade him for a player (like Millsap) that will never become one.

Every Evans trade I see is with him as the best player. I can't imagine that will happen. The Kings have a roster of young guys with potential, it is much more likely they use Evans to trade up, rather than gain depth.

I am not proposing this trade-I know this won't happen- and I don't know that salaries could match in a way that makes sense anyway, but Sac would be a team I can see giving up more than most for 1 year of Dwight. They have never, and will never sign a superstar free agent, but they may be able to keep one, like they did Webber, if he has played there.

You may see them take a risk like that with Evans, but not the stuff I have seen on here.

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I think Kings fans are

I think Kings fans are over-valuing Evans. Look, he's a 3 year guy who has gotten worse every year. He doesn't make his teammates better and he doesn't win and somebody is going to have to pay him a ton of money to be the best player on a crap team.... As a Jazz fan, I would NOT want him on my team.

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If I'm Indiana I take a good

If I'm Indiana I take a good hard look at him, we need someone who can create shots for themselves. Evans is a ball dominant 2-guard and Hill isn't a true PG and can play off the ball which is good.

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Marcus Thornton puts up the

Marcus Thornton puts up the same numbers as Eric Gordon, yet one player is a future star in the league and the other is a black hole offensively? Doesn't make sense.

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Would an offer of Derrick Williams and our 18th pick (and possibly Wes Johnson) be enough for Evans?

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No way

I would not trade, William, Johnson, and the 18th pick for Eveans. That is too much, even if MN needs a SG. I would hope MN goes after Eric Gordon to fill the void

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I think if sac gets another

I think if sac gets another post player life a be eaiser on reke and he can become more effective.He doesnt need to be traded right now their still building.

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