Tyreke Evans Improvements

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Tyreke Evans Improvements

How much do you think Tyreke Evans will improve his sophmore Season?

I think that we will not see a drastic jump but maybe 22-ppg 6-rpg and 7-apg.

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I think he goes to about

I think he goes to about 22-23ppg, his rebounds won't be that high because of Cousins so 5rpg, and assists will increase because of Cousins to about 8apg.

It does depend on whether they play him at the two more, because he could score 24ppg with a more attacking mentality; but I think they'll continue to leave him as point guard.

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Hard to see

an improvement in numbers when you have one of the best rookie years statistically. However, this time around he has a yr under his belt and knows what the NBA season is all about. I'd assume his preparation and mentality and game sense will grow from his first season to his second. He can make great strides in his game while only making a small difference in his numbers.

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I see him getting the same numbers as his rookie year.

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Yea I see him getting similar numbers as well but I would guess with more efficiency. I'm guessing Cousins takes some of his shots but if he worked on his 3 point shooting at all (25% last year) he should only improve on his scoring numbers.

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23/25 ppg 6,1 rpg 6,8 apg 2,3 spg 0,8 bpg

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I think he'll take a pretty great leap from his rookie year following the likes of LeBron and Durant when they averaged 20 points. I think we could see him average anywhere to 23-27 points next year to go along with 5 rbs and 6-7 assists per night and anywhere from 1.5 - 2.0 stls.

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