Tyreke Evans bandwagon

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Tyreke Evans bandwagon

Obviously is too early in his career but who's still on the Tyreke Evans bandwagon?

Who here still believes he can be a 20ppg type guy again?

Leonard Washington
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I think he can still do it,

I think he can still do it, he has all the tools to be an all-star caliber player. He just lacks consitency. If he can put it all together night in and night out, it can be done.....if not I'll still murk people off in 2k with him.

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I'm off it

And thats coming from a Kings fan. His jump shot isn't even inconsistent. Its practically invisible. His ability to get to the basket is incredible. But teams just pack the paint, so there is no spacing.

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Hate to say this because I've

Hate to say this because I've been rooting for the guy since he was a high school phenom, but I think Tyreke would excel as a 6th man ala Jamal Crawford type role. He's simply too ball dominant and a ball stopper and does it inefficiently. The Kings should try to trade him for a real PG. perhaps a change of scenery is what Tyreke needs just like OJ Mayo. But I think Evans would make a hell of 6th man and can pretty much jack up shots whenever he pleases coming off the bench. He would be a much effective player at that role.

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Honestly I want to be,but the

Honestly I want to be,but the kid is averaging 11.4 PPG on a 0.369 FG% in his contract year and has been regressing since his rookie year
If he ever turned to be an All-star (doubtful) it is probably gonna be a way from the Kings ,I agree mess.eee ,the Kings might try to trade him and move from the Evans experience and trade him for a pass first PG ,this is gonna be Cousins team any way and it might be better to get him a PG that gives him the ball

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Alot of stars that want to

Alot of stars that want to become all stars,learn their weaknesses and work to improve their games...It seems to me,that Evans has yet learn to play off the ball and hasnt added a consistent jumpshot....People say he's regressed,i dont thats true,i think he hasnt gotten any better then he was his rookie year......

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Cousins experiment

is well underway. the bestcase scenerio is he get off that team , they are so dissfunctional. Cousins the new leader franchise chasing reporters, your rookie bigman elbowing guys in the face and hes just got to the league. Just get him outta there 6th man , small forward whatever I bet as soon as hes gone hell shine. Cousins though hes got some sweet skills but until he stops thinking hes Dirk and launching jumpers and chasing reporters theyre helpless

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Best chance is not with the Kings

Question- Which prospect of the past few years has actually improved on the Kings Roster?

Last Kings rookie to improve that I can think of is Kevin Martin. As much as we like Cousins, and Im a believer, he hasnt improved much either. Both player and organization deserves blame here. Tyreke and Demarcus are both immature, but as an organization, when drafting such players, you must make certain you have the type of leaders around that can help lead these guys towards reaching their potentials. I still believe in Tyreke, and will like to see him go somewhere thats a better situation for him, as well as doing some growing up on his own. A strong no-nonsense coach like Doc and Marc Jackson is what he needs. Neither team will really pursue him, but thats the type of surrounding he needs. In addition, yes he still needs to improve his shooting, but the organization has tried, although failed, to surround him with the right players that can open up the floor for him, ie Fredette.

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Possible trade?

Question #2, how effective is Evans as a 3? And how is Barnes doing out in Golden State?

Long stretch here, but Evans needs to be with shooters and Golden State really needs another ball handler/playmaker. What about a deal swapping Barnes for Evans? Golden State gets Evans to spell Curry as the ball handler, and is their only playmaker. Curry and Thompson can both play off the ball and spread the floor. Evans gets to play with the type of coach he needs.

Sac-Town finally gets a sf, and has a solid core of bigs to build around in Cousin-Robinson-Barnes, and I think they compliment each other very well.

Dont see it happening, but I think this is a great move for both teams.

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Tyreke isn't good at the 3

Tyreke isn't good at the 3 because all his physical advantages are gone at that position. He has great length and power at the guard positions. He used those physical advantages to bully his way to the cup. At the 3, those physical advantages are gone.

Barnes is doing OK at GS. He's spreading the floor and picking his spots, but there aren't too many shots available for him. He's shooting at a decent clip and is defending well, but I think he's being too selective.

It's true that GS needs more slashing, but I don't think they make that move, especially since Tyreke is up for an extension. Looking at some of the extensions handed out to the players in his class, Tyreke could be looking for ~10mill. I just don't think he's worth that.

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He has the worst jump shot in

He has the worst jump shot in the league for a guard. That is the reason he will never become a star.

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