Tyreke Evans

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Tyreke Evans

Who recently had a workout for the kings last week but did not workout with no other players because he said none were there but i heard T Will was in the building waiting to get a piece of Tyreke and I guess he got scared or something the question is should the agents of the top clients let them workout with the top guys in the draft

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Evans had nothing to gain

Evans had nothing to gain from working out against TWill. I can't blame him for not wanting to workout against competition that is projected to be drafted below him. I promise you Evans wasn't scared he just did the smart thing.

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True Statement --^

True Statement --^

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i think it would be fun to watch top prospects going head to head on workouts. But i doubt agent would let that happen cause agents only wants to showcase their clients upsides to raise the player stocks and they would not probably want to expose any of their talents weaknesses.

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It probably does happen,

It probably does happen, just not with the top tier guys... If your stock is high, why risk it? but if you're projected to go around the 20s then there's a lot less certainty about where anyone is rated. shouldn't they workout with each other to try and improve their stock?

The top picks have no upside in the match up but late firsts have a lot to gain

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T-Will would have got in his A$$ 4 sure. Smart move

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Yes I agree. Terrence's

Yes I agree. Terrence's athlleticism and size could have made Evans look bad. Evans is used to schooling much smaller guards. Could've been disastrous.

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twill wasnt there

Twill was at a workout for the wizerds. Check his twitter

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if evans was to destroy williams who is suppose to be a good defender or just do better than him it would assure teams that he is the player they want. if he was confident he would of played against him knowing he is the better player. i would want a player on my team who says i'll play anybody anywhere cuz im better not i cant play 1 on 1 cuz it will hurt my stock. that is &$#%#[email protected]! shit. while it maybe smart cuz if he got embarrassed he could drop im not taking him at 4 if i were the kings he doesnt have the right attitude.

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