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twos - waiters

I know Jeremy Lamb and Brad Beal are considered the top two shooting guards in the draft, and you can make an argument for either to be the first one off the board. I'm wondering how big of a gap these two have put between themselves and everyone else.

I feel Dion Waiters isn't far behind them at all. In terms of size theres not much difference between him and Beal, and his athleticism is on par with anyone. You could make a case that Waiters is the best scorer in the open floor in all of college basketball this year. I also think you should consider how much he's improved from freshman to sophomore, which i think is considerably more than Lambs improvement. Dion can shoot the ball and plays great D. He's a better pick than Ross, and I also feel the gap between him and Lamb and Beal isn't as wide as people think.

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Personally I would be more

Personally I would be more confident taking Waiters than any of the other SG's in this years draft. He's an explosive scorer, and playing with veterans like Scoop Jardine and Kris Joseph has kept him from becoming a player that needs the ball all the time and plays with his head up. He doesn't have a weakness in his game.

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I feel he should stay another

I feel he should stay another year so he can be a starter and show more of his game.

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Ya if Waiters stays I can see

Ya if Waiters stays I can see him taking his game to a serious level at Cuse and being a lotto pick next year. As for this year, I expect him to return because he didnt play well last night and might want a chance at a championship next year. If he declares I say 20-25 range.

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