TWolves Trade Idea

Minny Receives:

SG Kevin Martin

Houston Receives:

PG Luke Ridnour

F Michael Beasley

This trade helps the wolves free up the PG log jam after the Barea signing, gets rid of the conflict at the forward positions, opening it up for them to start their future behind Love and Williams. And on top of that it gives them a veteran and proven scorer that can take some pressure of Wes Johnson.

Meanwhile, this gives the rockets another option at PG other than Kyle Lowry and an upgrade from Chase Budinger at SF.


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Wolves would have done that trade a long time ago if that was a possibility. Beasely is a good player but his value is low because he has screwed up so many times and Ridnour is solid but not enough for Martin.

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No way that would happen

1 - Lowry

2 - Flynn

3 - Dragic

4 - Lin

5 - Ridnour

Makes no sense for Hou to get another PG when they already have too many to find minutes for. Hou is stacked at a lot of positions with mediocre/potential players, they don't need a guy like Beasley they need a good max contract star.

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3rd team

If you can get a third team involved in that deal to flip Ridnour somewhere else, or to get rid of one of Houston's PG's for another draft pick, then I think you'd have a deal. People forget that Beasley is only 22; he's still got a lot of potential to be like Carmelo if he works at it

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Since when is it so bad to have 3 point guards? Especially looking at these guys I don't see a log jam at all really. You have Rubio, he is young and inexperienced and will need time to grow. I don't see him playing big minutes as he will not be dependable enough and not have enough experience to. Ridnour is a veteran backup who can control the game but doesn't wow you in anyway, but is dependable and smart. Barea is a very small guy who is more of a 6th man type of guy due to his scoring ability and that he isn't a great passer. I see these guys playing beside eachother sometimes due to the lack of a shooting guard on the team and that Barea is not a true pg. I don't see a logjam and don't no why there is such a fuss about it.

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