Two-Word Scouting Reports
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Two-Word Scouting Reports

For the lazy GM, here's a challenge: two-word scouting reports that you can text/twitter. More at

If you have any better two word scouting reports let's hear them!

1. Blake Griffin: Springy Beast

2. Ricky Rubio: Visionary Pistola

3. Hasheem Thabeet: Raw Mutombo

4. James Harden: Easy Throwback

5. DeMarr DeRozen: Hops, Pops

6. Brandon Jennings: Flashy Bricklayer

7. Stephen Curry: Bony Sharpshooter

8. Jordan Hill: Raw Bounce

9. Ty Lawson: Heady Go-getter(if healthy), Flat Tire (if toe injury is bad)

10 Jonny Flynn: Tenacious Sparkplug

11. Tyreke Evans: Freaky Driver

12. Jrue Holliday: Skilled Enigma

13. Earl Clark: Moody Versa-thlete

14. Jeff Teague: Point Slasher

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Two words

1. Blake Griffin: Overrated Explosive

2. Ricky Rubio: Thirdeye Savage

3. Hasheem Thabeet: Polished Dominant

4. James Harden: Olderlooking Sharpshooter

5. DeMarr DeRozen: Skills Flashy

6. Brandon Jennings: Exceptional Chiponshoulder

7. Stephen Curry: Deadeye Marksmen

8. Jordan Hill: Thunder Boom

9. Ty Lawson: Accurate Precision

10 Jonny Flynn: Runandgun Unflappable

11. Tyreke Evans: Poised Confident

12. Jrue Holliday: Seasoned Professional

13. Earl Clark Tall Lanky

14. Jeff Teague: Refined Pinpointpasser

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