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So this isnt something that applies to only the NBA but any other sport for that matter, most specifically the NFL. I feel like tweeting has given athletes too much ability to speak to the public. i know that the players could post things on say a facebook or myspace but twitter is where it seems to have really rocketed. we had the lebron comments about contraction, maurice jones-drew of the jacksonville jaguars just took an obvious but indirect shot at jay cutler and received death threats, roddy white of the atlanta falcons once made some ignorant comments about the saints and the city of new orleans related to katrina. these are just a few, but athletes, generally, are not very smart and when you give unintelligent people some type of power, they do something stupid with it. what has to be the most idiotic part about this is that just about everyone that posts something dumb or ignorant, they then turn around and say that whomever the comments were obviously directed at "were taken the wrong way" it bothers me to think that this many athletes are this unintelligent or just plain ignorant and twitter only allows them to portray this to the whole world. not saying twitter or the NBA or NFL should not allow tweeting by players or anything like that however. what do you guys think?

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