Turner vs Wall Tonight

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Turner vs Wall Tonight

ONE VS. TWO: Tonight marks the first meeting between the first two picks in the 2010 NBA Draft. Washington’s John Wall was the first overall pick

while Philadelphia’s Evan Turner went second. The two did not play against each other in college. Here’s a breakdown of how the top two picks have
faired against each other in the very first game between the teams that selected them dating back to the 2000 NBA Draft.
• 2009: #1 Blake Griffin (LAC) vs. #2 Hasheem Thabeet (MEM) on 11/7/09… Clippers won; Griffin: DNP; Thabeet: 2pts, 3r, 2b
• 2008: #1 Derrick Rose (CHI) vs. #2 Michael Beasley (MIA) on 12/26/08… HEAT won; Rose: 10pts, 3a, 3 r, 1s Beasley: 14pts, 6r, 1a, 2b
• 2007: #1 Greg Oden (POR) vs. #2 Kevin Durant (SEA) on 12/25/07… Blazers won; Oden: DNP; Durant: 23pts, 6r, 4a, 2b
• 2006: #1 Andrea Bargnani (TOR) vs. #2 LaMarcus Aldridge (POR) on 12/10/06… Blazers won; Bargnani: 8pts, 4r, 1a; Aldridge: 3pts, 3r
• 2005: #1 Andrew Bogut (MIL) vs. #2 Marvin Williams (ATL) on 1/20/06… Bucks won; Bogut: 5pts, 13r, 1s; Williams: 9pts, 5r, 1b
• 2004: #1 Dwight Howard (ORL) vs. Emeka Okafor (CHA) on 11/6/04… Bobcats won; Howard: 5pts, 12r, 1a, 3b; Okafor: 12pts, 14r, 2b
• 2003: #1 LeBron James (CLE) vs. Darko Milicic (DET) on 11/28/03… Pistons won; James: 6pts, 7a, 2r; Milicic: DNP
• 2002: #1 Yao Ming (HOU) vs. Jay Williams (CHI) on 1/26/03… Bulls won; Yao: 14pts, 5r, 2a… Williams: DNP
• 2001: #1 Kwame Brown (WAS) vs. Tyson Chandler (CHI; drafted by LAC) on 1/4/02… Wizards won; Brown: 2r; Chandler: 4pts, 5r, 1b
• 2000: #1 Kenyon Martin (NJ) vs. Stromile Swift (VAN) on 1/29/01… Grizzlies won; Martin: 19pts, 9r, 2a, 1s, 4b; Swift: 6pts, 3r, 1b

How do you think each player will fair?

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Nick young babyyyyyy

Nick young babyyyyyy

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