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14.3 points, 3.9 assists, 7.3 rebounds...Evan Turner the former 2nd pick of 2010 draft. Is this his breakout year? It looks like it to me.

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He is finally getting

He is finally getting consistent minutes and I think some of those number would be higher if they were not also having to play J Rich and Bynum was out there.

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His numbers were always going

His numbers were always going to increase once he got the long overdue starting gig but in the last 5 or so games he has really stepped it up and looks like the sort of prospect his draft status said he was.

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Off to a good start, but the

Off to a good start, but the season is still young. Let's revisit his stats after the All Star break.

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He really improved when he

He really improved when he was able to matchup with 3's instead of 2's...kudos to Doug Collins for seeing that and making the adjustment

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It's not him playing 3 that

It's not him playing 3 that did it because at the beginning of the year Collins had Turner playing too close to the basket. Collins also had Turner play alot of PF and even C once against the Raptors.

It was after the Sixers lost 2 straight to the Pistons and Bucks wit Turner scoring only 8 n 6 points in them games did Turner truly emerge. Since them 2 games Turner has played atleast 30 minutes and has scored in double digits including the last 4 in which Turner is averaging 22.3 points.

What happen is Turner has realized for the Sixers to be a good team he has to look for his shot. I was at the game vs the Thunder when Jrue got into foul trouble late in the 3rd and Turner had to play point at which the Sixers started to come back because once his shot starts falling he's a nightmare to keep out of the lane off the dribble. Turner reminds me of Paul Pierce how he's able to bully his way to spots on the floor.

Whats gonna make Turner really special is he's tough and fearless.

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