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A True Fan

With all of the speculation of Lebron returning to Cleveland in 2014 a debate has been sparked and i wanted to hear the thoughts of non Cavs fans. Should those who want Lebron to return be considered as disloyal or fair weather fans?

Also is it fair to say that Lebron is the best player in the NBA? Because when i stated this another poster said that thats just my opionion and a true Cavs fan would say that Kyrie is the best. Again just want to hear others thought on this.

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Anybody that says Kyrie is

Anybody that says Kyrie is the best has no clue what they are talking about. That is the most illogical, ignorant and biased thing I have ever heard.

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That's just dumb. I guess

That's just dumb. I guess Bobcats fans think Gerald Henderson is the best player in the NBA.

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Hold on you didn't really

Hold on you didn't really make your question clear. No just because you are the fan of a team doesn't mean you can honestly say they're best player is the best player in the league.

And I'm a Philly fan but I'm hoping and rooting that Lebron goes back to Cleveland. Kyrie and Lebron is a much better fit then Wade and Lebron because of Kyrie's shooting ability. I could see Lebron truly having the ability to average a triple double if he went back with Kyrie's shooting ability, and Tristan Thompsons finishing ability by then should be very good. I really like the way the Cavs are set up.

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