Tristan Thompson proving doubters wrong

Tristian Thompson is proving all those doubters wrong. He is proving a handflul and an absolute beast inside. He has shown amazing shot blocking abilitity and explosive leap and dunk. He has also shown a nice post game, better than most scouts have said. I love his ability to turn front on to the defender and attack the rim, He still needs to keep working on his jumper and free throw obiviously, but he looks like a #4 pick.

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Consistancy will be his

Consistancy will be his biggest issue, as a young shot blocker he is going to struggle with foul trouble and his offense is improved, but still limited. I think he'll be just fine in the long run and I have him as an All-Rookie first teamer. In Cleveland he is going to have the opportunity to play a good amount of minutes and develop in game situations. I don't expect him to be a double digit scorer, but his rebounds and shot blocks are going to be at a very solid clip for a rookie.

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