tristan thompson

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tristan thompson

this site has him going 6th overall to washington, but has him ranked as the 4th best power foward behind both morris twins, and motie

i think thompson is a good player, i dont think hes good enough to go 6th overall, definitly in the lottery

who do you compare him to? and how good will he be?

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Charles Smith

Charles Smith

The White Mamba
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I think 6 is definatly a

I think 6 is definatly a reach for him even if he is tearing up the workouts

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He will be a decent role

He will be a decent role player. He reminds me of Ed Davis, except with less rebounding ability. Thompson has to work on his offensive game some, but he can play some down low and he's a good offensive rebounder. He also will develop into a good post defender. Doesn't seem like more than a 4th or 5th option player.

I think Washington just might take him at 6 though, because he's shut down some workouts with some bottom lotto teams and he very well might have gotten a guarantee from the Wizards. He's not going to solve any problems right away, but it is good that they now have a PF (or player on the team) who is willing to be a good defender. He's got the makings of a solid role player down the line.

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poor mans Kenyon Martin

poor mans Kenyon Martin

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i think he can be a pretty

i think he can be a pretty good offensive player

defensively he will tear ish up down the line

i really wouldnt mind if the pistons take this guy

not biyombo

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Reminds me a lot of Ed Davis

Reminds me a lot of Ed Davis... I like him at 9 to the Bobcats

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the best defensive bigman in

the best defensive bigman in this draft

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